Yuval Noah Harari

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The Contents of Sapiens, chapter by chapter...

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
Part One: The Cognitive Revolution

1: An Animal of No Significance
2: The Tree of Knowledge
3: A Day in the Life of Adam and Eve
4: The Flood
Part Two: The Agricultural Revolution
5: History’s Biggest Fraud
6: Building Pyramids
7: Memory Overload
8: There is No Justice in History
Part Three: The Unification of Humankind
9: The Arrow of History
10: The Scent of Money
11: Imperial Visions
12: The Law of Religion
13: The Secret of Success
Part Four: The Scientific Revolution
14: The Discovery of Ignorance
15: The Marriage of Science and Empire
16: The Capitalist Creed
17: The Wheels of Industry
18: A Permanent Revolution
19: And They Lived Happily Ever After
20: The End of Homo Sapiens
Afterword: The Animal that Became a God


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