The Network Marketing Business Model...

How Network Marketing Works!!

 The Internet eliminates much of the hard work formerly associated with the operation of a Network Marketing Business where product distribution is the objective.

 A product order will be submitted online directly to the distribution warehouse, in much the same way that a high street store or restaurant will order the products which they sell.

 The fundamental difference is with the way in which customer satisfaction is achieved. With the High Street Business Model (HSBM), location of the retail premises will influence a customer's buying decision. Whereas, with the Network Marketing Business Model (NMBM), timing is the critical factor influencing customer satisfaction. Both models are dependent on customer preference.

 Both models employ a similar back-office system, differing only in how sales' costs are allocated and customer relationships managed.

 With the HSBM, products are displayed and advertised to maximise the attention of potential customers, whereas, in the NMBM, users of a product will deliver testimony of product effectiveness in such a way as to attract the attention of potential customers.

 For both models, there is a clearly defined cost of customer acquisition, whether this is the cost of premises and advertising or the independent agent's sales commission.

 With the HSBM, many of the costs will need to be paid in advance of sales being generated, whereas, in the NMBM, sales costs are incurred at the point of sale to the independent sales agent.

 With the NMBM, there is a risk that the independent agent will be encouraged to purchase more product from the company than s/he can easily sell and it is this element of the process which has attracted criticism in the past that this business model is flawed.

 An independent agent will be wise to only consider involvement with a company employing the NMBM if they find the product particularly appealing, otherwise, enthusiasm for the business might be difficult to maintain.

 This is in contrast to an employee of a business where the HSBM is being employed. The purchaser will need to satisfy him/herself that a product is fit for the intended purpose prior to concluding the purchase.

 Network Marketing, as a type of Direct Selling, works best when there is a personal relationship between the customer, the independent agent and the person who is doing the recruitment.

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The Biz Bot is owned and operated
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Use and share your company's products.


Frequently expose the business opportunity.


Attend and promote training events.


Engage in Personal Development.


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The Business Model employed by
Healthy CoffeeŽ is a hybrid based
on the principles of Direct Sales,
Network Marketing, High Street
Retailing and the Vending Industry.

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